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Get your data labeling

40x faster and up to 90% cheaper

  • 1 Select your training data and provide label instructions
  • 2 Define what you want to label
  • 3 In less than 24 hrs, you will get up to 80% of your data labeled
  • 4 Train your model.

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Get first 10,000 Annotations for free

So how do we deliver
it so fast and cheap?

We combine the state of the art foundational models and Akridata’s proprietary algorithms and years of experience in computer vision data and large scale computation to achieve this.

Our Value

Say Goodbye to Data Labeling Bottlenecks! Accelerate ML adoption in your organization.

Easily update models in production and effectively respond to changes in your dynamic environments.

No need to switch your tools or labeling vendors.

Get first 10,000 Annotations for free