The AI Platform for Visual Data

Smart Ingestion + Smart Exploration for Visual Data

Akridata provides an end-to-end suite of products that support both the smart ingestion and smart exploration of visual data to reduce cost and complexity while accelerating business value.

Edge Data Platform

Leading decentralized data management and tiering software optimized for Video, LIDAR, and domain-specific log and event data. Simplify AI data operations, ingest and organize streams of data, including from legacy stores, from edge to cloud, and with a decentralized catalog and global access.

Data Explorer

First data-centric MLOps platform that helps data scientists explore, curate and use visual data at a large scale. Reduce hours of work to minutes. Cut time spent on data selection and curation to accelerate your path to model accuracy.

Industries  we cater to

Smart Cities

Why choose Akridata

2X Productivity

  • Access the right data in minutes or hours vs. hours or days.
  • Free up for critical tasks.
  • Efficiently handle growing data volumes at scale.

4X Cost Reduction

  • Avoid moving large amounts of data to the cloud
  • Reduce spending on storage/compute
  • Decrease bandwidth and latency

4X Faster Access

  • Real-time edge data access
  • Access at scale, anytime, anywhere
  • Frictionless deployment with existing infrastructure

Akridata delivers value to Data Specialists

Trusted by leaders in technology

We are a team with a vision to solve unique problems

Akridata was started by a team of serial entrepreneurs with the vision to solve a unique set of problems around visual data in the life cycle of AI training.

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Designed for Data Science teams to accelerate the path to building Production Grade AI models

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