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Your Visual Data Copilot

Smart Exploration for Visual Data

Akridata provides an AI platform, offering a comprehensive solution to conveniently extract the most out of your data through its curation, enrichment by synthetic data generation, fast-n-cheap annotation, and model accuracy analysis.

Synthetic Data Generation

Augment datasets with rare scenarios to enhance model performance and detect outlier images.

Model Accuracy Analysis

Diagnose model performance issues using a unique representation of datasets to address performance issues using a data-centric approach and improve the overall model performance.


Process extensive data in under 24 hours, delivering accurate annotations for common objects with human intervention for exceptions and domain-specific tasks. Enable model updates and adjustments to dynamic settings, resulting in up to 90% reduction in costs without requiring tool or vendor modifications.

Data Curation

Interactively explore and search unlabeled visual data and build training and validation test datasets. Get deeper insights into your data distributions and outliers. Securely connect diverse data sources without uploading or creating yet another copy of your sensitive data.

Industries  we cater to

Smart Cities

Why choose Akridata

2X Productivity

  • Access the right data in minutes or hours vs. hours or days.
  • Free up for critical tasks.
  • Efficiently handle growing data volumes at scale.

4X Cost Reduction

  • Avoid moving large amounts of data to the cloud
  • Reduce spending on storage/compute
  • Decrease bandwidth and latency

4X Faster Access

  • Real-time edge data access
  • Access at scale, anytime, anywhere
  • Frictionless deployment with existing infrastructure

Akridata delivers value to Data Specialists

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We are a team with a vision to solve unique problems

Akridata was started by a team of serial entrepreneurs with the vision to solve a unique set of problems around visual data in the life cycle of AI training.

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