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Meet Akridata,
your visual data copilot

Get computer vision models to production faster

Next-Gen Labeling

Cut labeling costs by 50% and cut the time by half.

Data Curation

Analyze raw data and efficiently build high quality datasets.

Manufacturing Inspection Systems

Add explainability to your inline inspection system and improve its accuracy.

Trusted by leading AI and data science teams


Built for computer vision deep
learning models

Quality Inspection & Manufacturing

Reduce production downtime and improve overall batch quality.


Mitigate risk and enhance safety by detecting problems before they occur.

Public Safety

Find hazardous situations or illegal behavior in video.


Improve perception models for autonomous and ADAS vehicles.


Make the best models
with the best data to
Improve accuracy,
Drive performance and
Deploy faster.

Something for Everyone

Enhance every stage of your data journey, from its acquisition to model deployment.

Rapid Setup & Onboarding

Get started quickly into a no-code interactive experience.

Customizable and Configurable

Supporting virtually any computer vision workflow.

Scalability and Speed

Optimized to process your data at scale.

Privacy and Security

Your data is as secure as ever, never moved or copied, certified as a SOC Type 2.


Enhance every aspect of the development cycle

Data Curation

Interactively visualize, explore and perform multimodal search on unlabeled image/video data. Build effective training, validation & test datasets. Compare datasets, get deeper insights into your data distributions and outliers.

Synthetic Data

Generate quality synthetic images using state-of-the-art (SOTA) techniques. Augment datasets with rare scenarios to enhance model performance.

Next Gen Labeling

Employ a powerful ensemble of AI models to predict and label visual data quickly and efficiently. Spend up to 80% less on labeling, as compared to traditional methods.

Model Analysis

Examine a model’s accuracy interactively to identify and surface issues related to the data. Surface Saliency/Activation maps for model explainability.
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