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OneWord — text based search of visual data


A dataset of images, used for computer vision tasks, could be the key to success or failure. A clean dataset could lead the way to a great algorithm, model and ultimately system, while no matter how good the model or algorithm is, garbage in — garbage out.

How will you find the most relevant images to the current task from your dataset?


Data Explorer is a platform that was built to allow us focus on the data, curate it, clean it and make sure we start the development cycles with a great foundation.

In previous blogs, we saw how a dataset could be visualized and explored, followed by image-based-search to search for specific frames, or even to mark a small patch, and search for frames that display them.

OneWord — Text-Based-Search

With our recent release, there is another way.

Introducing: OneWord

A text-based search within Data Explorer.

Data Explorer now provides a text interface where you simply type what are searching for, and Data Explorer will provide the relevant images.

A single word could be enough, as shown in the image at the very top, where “crosswalk” was used to find images with crosswalks in them.

This flow, like in the image-based-search, can be repeated and refined, and after applying the text based search, you can continue with Patch search to further enrich your results.


In this blog we introduced OneWord — a text-based-search capability to search over images. This capability, completes the image-based-search capability, and saves hours sifting through the data to find relevant examples.

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