CVPR Recap: Akridata Key Takeaways We are all jazzed up! We attended CVPR in New Orleans at the end of June and had a great time seeing everyone there, talking computer vision, visual data, and displaying Akridata Data Explorer. Couldn’t make the event? No problem! Below we’ll dive into our top takeaways, trends, and discussions […]
GTC 2022 is Just Around the Corner! Next week, Nvidia’s GTC Conference and Training will be firing up with some of the foremost in AI across numerous sectors, and we’re looking forward to connecting, engaging, informing, and learning with all of you from March 21-24. This year, Akridata’s Senior Director of Platform Engineering & Solutions, Kunal […]
The December edition of Tech Briefs from SAE International featured a short paper from Akridata on how a Data Supply Chain is a critical part of our emerging AI-infused world.  This is best seen in the transportation industry where accelerating ADAS/AV development demands a cohesive modern Edge-to-Cloud perspective focused on data. As the paper explains: The pivot […]
Many of you are familiar with the comprehensive range of AI solutions that Nvidia currently offers. With chips optimized for AI, PCB boards, AI software dev kits, and the Omniverse platform with Digital Twin capabilities, Nvidia provides almost everything needed to successfully build an AI infrastructure that reaches across edge devices, data centers, and clouds. […]
AI guru and one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2012, Andrew Ng recently launched a campaign to drive the adoption of “Data-Centric AI.” Why? Because at this point in the evolution of AI, the success and the future of real-world AI applications hinges on the quality of data. While ML/AI hardware infrastructure and modelling have made significant progress, […]
By Kunal Vasavada Recently, I visited a mattress store to find one for my toddler son. This was a rather large store with so many brands, comfort styles, price tags and more. Within a few minutes of browsing around, testing a few mattresses by hand to check for firmness, reading some of the comfort and […]
Launching Akridata required many research and brainstorming sessions with the founding team. Now Sanjay Pichaiah, Vice President of New Business, is sharing insights, resources, and interesting finds into the complex data problems facing the AI market over at Medium. “What stood the test of our shredding machine, was the problems around the “Data” in AI […]
The Autonomous World is one of the most important endeavors in human history. We’re starting to see it in: Self-driving cars Shipping & deliveries Unattended retail Hospitals Warehouses Factories Farms Construction At the heart of the Autonomous World there is a monumental challenge: a non-stop avalanche of data at the Edge. Unstructured, decentralized data that […]