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Akridata provides an end-to-end suite of products that support both the smart ingestion and smart exploration of visual data to reduce cost and complexity while accelerating business value.

Smart Ingetion

Edge Platform is the leading decentralized data management and tiering software optimized for Video, LIDAR, and domain-specific log and event data. Simplify AI data operations, ingest and organize streams of data, including from legacy stores, from edge to cloud, and with a decentralized catalog and global access.

Smart Exploration

Data Explorer is the first data-centric MLOps platform that helps data scientists explore, curate and use visual data at a large scale. Reduce hours of work to minutes. Cut time spent on data selection and curation to accelerate your path to model accuracy.

One Step Ahead

We’re Solving the Challenges of Visual Data Collection & Analysis

One of the biggest challenges for data scientists focused on visual data is the ability to visualize three-dimensional visual data in a two-dimensional format and gain in-depth understanding from them.


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Numerous, data-rich sensors in autonomous vehicles generate data at the alarming rate of 4-8 terabytes per hour, or even more in some cases. Akridata gives organizations the ability to intelligently ingest, transfer, store, and immediately access relevant data at a massive scale.



One of the most promising areas of health innovation is the application of AI in medical imaging for uses like diagnosis, annotation, or redaction. The accuracy of AI models directly impacts patient safety and the adoption of AI solutions by radiologists. Akridata enables builders of these AI models to find the right data, access it securely, and iterate quickly to improve their models.



Making sense of the growing volumes of data ranging from online customer behaviors to intelligent retail locations creates new challenges for retailers looking to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience. Akridata automates manual, time-consuming data management tasks so data scientists can immediately focus on the 1%-10% of data that is of value.


Smart Cities

Whether it’s security surveillance or traffic management, maintaining citizens’ safety and privacy is a critical challenge for urban leaders. Not only does Akridata allow data teams to quickly focus on the most relevant data, but it also significantly reduces the time and cost required to transfer, store, and access data.



With Industry 4.0 on the rise, manufacturers need advanced technology to stay one step ahead of competition. By leveraging Akridata to find specific images, manufacturing teams can reduce the time of labor down from hours to mere minutes, slash the costs and time needed for labeling, and accelerate the process to model accuracy.



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