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Cloud Archive Service

Fast Tape to Cloud Migration Exascale Design and Reliability Cloud Tiered “Light up” and Activate Tape Data

Akridata Cloud Archive Activates Tape Data

Rediscover Your Tape Data by Making it Available and Easy to Manage

Ready in Four or Five!

Maximize Return on Data

Whether you’re just moving your tape backup to the cloud or you’re gearing up to actively use your historical data in new apps, Akridata has the fast reliable solution that customers and partners rave about.

Modernize Tape Archives

Organizations have relied on tape data and tape backup for decades, but many of them are looking to modernize their tape data by taking advantage of cloud elasticity, economics, or long term management of media and formats.

Activate All Your Data

“Light up” your archive data and catalog it so it can be integrated with your enterprise data and used by modern analytics or AI/ML applications. Find and catalog the data you already have and activate it so it can participate in workflows and inform new insights.

Move Data Fast and Reliably

Akridata Cloud Archive service is a fast and reliable method to migrate your tape data, transform it in-transit, manage it easily, and monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Optimize Location of Data

It is costly to keep low-priority data in high-cost storage, or to move it around unnecessarily. It is also costly to have to wait for important data. Akridata Cloud Archive service helps optimize what data is stored where according to access and cost requirements and based on usage behavior and policies.

No Data Left Behind

Akridata has developed and implemented a solution designed for Exascale class data problems and proven in Petascale environments of Fortune-100 companies.

Enable Data Agility

Digital data is the lifeblood of the new enterprise. So your ability to find it, harness it, unify it, and put it to work makes all the difference. Data agility lets you roll with the punches, enable continuous learning and feedback, respond to new scope, or manage new services.

Why Should You Get a Tape Archive Solution from an AI Data Company?


Because it is Fast Reliable Modern Easy

We’ve been there, and we wanted the easy button. So that’s what we made for you.
As we started solving the big data problem for AI, something interesting happened. It turns out there is quite a bit of tape data that is needed for Deep Learning, and we needed to ingest and catalog that data for AI. Because we came at it from an AI angle, all the effort was simplifying the process and on using the latest tools and methods to upload petabytes-going-to-exabytes of tape data with the highest reliability and highest performance.