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Finding Edge Cases

The Issue

Let’s say you’re a data scientist with a data set of 1,000,000 images that were collected by test vehicles.
Out of all the images collected, you want to search and identify the 100 frames that represent a construction zone.
One way to do this would be to downsample the dataset (100:1) to get to around 10,000 images and inspect for construction zone images.
But sifting through 10,000 images is tedious and no trivial task.
Unless another coworker has already gone through the images to label each one with a Construction Zone, there is no way to search for the Construction Zone images without manually combing through all of the visual data.
That’s a lot of time and effort to find a few select images.

The Akridata Solution

But, by leveraging Akridata Data Explorer to find the images with Construction Zone, you could reduce the time of labor from hours to mere minutes, slash the costs and time needed for labeling, and accelerate the process to model accuracy.

Get Started with Akridata Data Explorer

Akridata could help you easily identify images with your target search criteria.
By providing a powerful interactive and intuitive user interface, data scientists can save several man-hours of tedious work.
Akridata allows data scientists to spend more time building better AI models faster, and less time on rote, labor-intensive data management tasks like finding a needle in the haystack.
Further, Data Explorer is designed with a rich set of APIs that allows seamless integration with your existing workflows and ML toolchains.
Find the right data faster. Try Data Explorer today.